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VBHSA Show Dates

Sept 6
Sept 27

Information for
Sept 6 Show

Ring One:
Judge: Peg Seals
Start: 9:00
Schooling: 8:00

Ring Two:
Judge: Laura Wright
Start: 10:00
Schooling: 9:00

Ring Three
Judge: Laura Wright
Start: 9:00

Individual Class
and Warm Ups





Show Bill
Show bill is available
for downloading

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Prize list for Sept 6 VBHSA show held at ECETC

ECETC is proud to host three VBHSA shows this show season!
- May 17, 2014, September 6, 2014, and September 27, 2014

Be sure to check out the VBHSA Website for other upcoming VBHSA shows and standings.

(Warm Up - Course B To be held all day before each hunter division)
Ring One    Hunters      To Start at 9:00
Class No. Division Title Description
    2   3   4
    5   6   7
    8   9  10
  11  12  13
  14  15  16
  17  18  19
  20  21  22
  23  24  25

28a 28b 28c
  31  32  33
  34  35  36
VBHSA Breeding
Baby Green Pleasure
Baby Green Hunter Horse/Pony
Thoroughbred Hunter*
Open Hunter
Working Hunter*
Green Hunter Horse*
Green Hunter Pony *
Pony Hunter*
   ** Schooling Break ** 
VBHSA/VHSA Equitation Over Fences
VBHSA Associate Eq/Hofheimer Trophy Class
VHSA Associate Eq
Open Equitation on the Flat
Open Equitation Over Fences
Amateur Adult Hunter*
Children's/Junior Hunter*
Horse/Pony must be recorded with VBHSA

Fences 2' (Ponies) 2'6 (Horses)
Fences 2'6  -  3'  (Rider's Choice)
Fences 2' or 3'6  (Rider's Choice)
Fences 2'6 or 3' (Rider's Choice)
Fences 2'6 or 3' (Rider's Choice)
Fences Sm. 2'  Med 2'3  Lg. 2'6
Fences Sm. 2'  Med 2'3  Lg. 2'9
    ** Schooling Break **   
Fences Sm. 2'  Med 2'3  Lg. 2'6  Horses 2'6'
Fences Sm. 2'3  Med 2'6  Lg. 2'9  Horses 3'
May be split (14 and under, 15-17 and Adult)

Open to all junior and amateur riders
Fences 2'  2'6  or 3' (Rider's Choice)
Fences 2'6  or 3'  (Rider's Choice)
Fences 2'6 or 3' (Rider's Choice)
Ring Two    Hunters      To Start at 10:00
Class No. Division Title Description
  38  39  40
  41  42  43
  44  45  46
  47  48  49
  50  51  52
  53  54  55
  56  57  58
  59  60  61
  62  63  64

  65  66  67
  68  69  70
  71  72  73
  74  75  76
  77  78  79
Lead Line
Pleasure Pony*
Pleasure Horse Adult*
Pleasure Horse Junior*
Schooling Hunter
Special Hunter
Short Stirrup Equitation
Long Stirrup Equitation
Short Stirrup Hunter*
Long Stirrup Hunter
    ** Schooling Break **   
Beginner Equitation Older
Beginner Equitation Younger
Walk/Trot Equitation Older
Walk/Trot Equitation Younger
Very Beginner Pleasure
Open to those 10 years of age or older
Ponies ridden by Juniors only
Fences 18" (13 and over)
Fences 18" (12 and under)
Fences 2' (Trot lead changes, adults can ride ponies)
Fences 2' to 2'6 (Rider's choice)
Fences 2' (12 and under)
Fences 2' (13 and over)
Fences 2' (12 and under)
Fences 2' (13 and over)
    ** Schooling Break **   
(11 and over)
(10 and under)
Ring Three  Jumpers (Table II 2-b 2c)     To Start at 9:00
Class No. Division Title Description
  80  81  82
  83  84  85
  86  87  88
  89  90  91
  92  93  94
  95  96  97
Puddle Jumper
Novice Jumper
Novice Children's/Adult Amateur Jumper
Low Jumper
Children's/Adult Amateur Jumper
Schooling Jumper                            
Fences 2'
Fences 2'3 to 2'6
Fences 2'3 to 2'6
Fences 2'6 to 3'
Fences 2'6 to 3'3
Fences 3' to 3'6
Good luck to all our competitors!
Show Rules & Information
Show is held in accordance with the rules of the VBHSA and the VHSA
Associate Program
Classes and Warm ups are $20 each. Divisions $50. Stalls $25.
Please make checks payable to ECETC. (Return check fee - $35)
Open checks are permitted for day of show.
Entries may be mailed, emailed, ECETC is not responsible for lost mail.
The Judge’s decision is final.
Six ribbons will be awarded in all classes.
Championship and Reserve will be awarded in each division.
All ties, other than for 1st place, will remain tied with ribbons and points to
be awarded accordingly, including Champion and Reserve Awards.
Jumper competitors may inspect the course on foot prior to the
commencement of the jumper division.
Jumper competitors who are tied for other than first place will be placed
according to the time taken to complete the course.
Hard hats must be worn while mounted
All dogs must be on a leash at all times and away from the courses.
All horses must submit a negative Coggins! NO EXCEPTIONS!
After 3 refusals, exhibitor is required to exit the ring as per VHSA rules.
Cell phones must be on vibrate mode or turned off and are not permitted in the show ring.
Management reserves the right to cancel or combine classes

Condition of Entry: Participants accept the inherent risks of equine activities. Every horse entered for competition will be under the control of Show Management but Management will in no case be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur, and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Show, the Management, and the Facility harmless for any loss or accident to his or her horse, horses, or equipment which may occur from sickness, fire or otherwise.
Management reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regards to or arising out of an incident at the show without claims for damages or recourse of any kind All questions not covered in these rules and regulations shall be decided by Management, and their decision is final.
Discourtesy to an official by any spectator, rider, trainer or groom will disqualify the horse or horses with which they are associated and all fees will be forfeited.