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2016 Camp Dates
Posted early spring 2016

Each session
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9:00am to 2:30pm

Camp Information and Enrollment Forms

Camp Information
Enrollment forms
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spring 2016

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2015 camp has been going great!  Still time to register for our last camp of the season! 9:00am to 2:30pm! Lots of riding and horse arts and crafts!

Our camp is for adults and children horse lovers of all ages! You do not need to know how to ride to be an ECETC camper. You will know a lot about horses and riding when camp is over. You will learn all about horses, their care and of course, riding!  Our focus is on learning to ride and learning all about horses!

We have a variety of levels of camp depending on your riding skills and age. Horses and ponies are provided by ECETC and are matched to the campers' riding style and ability.

Our campers come to us at various stages of riding and the camp can improve those skills for the next level of riding.  A comfortable but challenging learning environment is provided by placing campers in small group classes with others of similar abilities. All campers are taught with an emphasis on safety and balance. 

Certificates of Completion and Attendance, signed by their instructor, will be given to each camper at the end of each camp session.

ECETC's Horse Camp is held during the summer and may be held various school breaks during the year.

What will I learn about riding and horses?
Proper tack and fittings for the English seat
Basic horse care
Horse handling safety

Flat work
 Basic ground training and manners
 How to lunge your horse
 Horse behavior
Under Saddle Training

 Position for the English seat
 Exercises for relaxation and balance
 Communications through leg, seat & hand aids
 Open rein and neck rein
 Control of speed and simple transitions
 Posting trot
 Simple training patterns
 Canter transitions
 Harmonizing with your horse

Summer camp is typically held between mid-June and the last week of August. It includes beginner, intermediate and experienced riders.  Many of our campers will return to move up in their skills in another session of camp. Some even stay on and take lessons at ECETC honing the riding skills learned during the camp sessions.

You will learn all the basics of riding and horse care.  You will learn how to walk, brush, bathe, feed and take care of your assigned horse or pony.  You will learn to saddle and bridle the horse and learn how to control the horse at the walk and trot while riding.  Campers sometimes participate in games on horseback or other horse activities. 

This level of camper is comfortable at the walk, trot and canter and already jumping small jumps.  The intermediate campers are evaluated for their riding skill level and matched to a horse or pony based on that evaluation.  They will then be placed in a group of campers with similar riding skills. Campers continue to learn about the horse and improve on riding skills.

These are campers who are comfortable at the walk, trot and canter and jumping 2'6 fences or above.  Emphasis is placed on improving equitation.  Experienced camp sessions may emphasize grid work, improving equitation, getting an eye for a jump, eventing, learning how to get your horse on the bit.  If you are interested in attending an experienced session, please call and let us know what areas you are trying to improve on as one experienced session may place more emphasis on that skill than another.

What to Bring:
ASTM-SEI approved riding helmet
(No bicycle helmets)
Tan Jodhpurs, breeches or chaps with jeans
Riding boots or heeled shoe  (No sneakers)

Where do I go to buy it?
There are many local tack shops where theses items may be purchased

Enrollment Forms
You may download camp information and enrollment forms which are in pdf format. 
Completed forms may be faxed to: 757-721-0344
Camp Information
Enrollment forms