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Guided Rides
$50 per 30 min ride
$75 per 60 min ride


24 hour notice is required

2 and up

Weight Restriction
Under 215 pounds

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Our guided rides make for a great family outing and have become extremely popular.  We will set you up with one of our wonderful horses and a personal guide who will hand lead you through our wonderful mulched trails here at ECETC.

Please be sure to book your ride time in advance.  This allows us to be sure we have plenty of available well-rested horses and/or ponies in addition to scheduling your personal guide, who work for tips.

Guided Ride FAQ:
Cancellations:  If you find you are unable to keep your booked time, we request at 24-hour notice.  This allows us to schedule other clients.   Any client who does not honor this request, cancels in less than 24 hours or is a no-show will not be re-booked.

What is the youngest age?
    Our riders can be as young a 2.

Is there a weight restriction?
    Yes. To protect the horses we use for our guided rides, you must be under 200 pounds.

Do you offer trail rides on the beach?
    While we are in the City of Virginia Beach and very close to the beaches, we are not located on the beach.

Is this a trail ride where there is a lead horse and I am on the horse by myself?
    No. This is not a traditional trail ride, this is a hand held guided ride.

What about refunds?
    There are no refunds for Guided Rides.

If you are interested in knowing more about horses and would like to learn to ride, ECETC is the place!  You do not need to own a horse to take lessons with us.  You will be matched up with one of ECETC's wonderful horses or ponies.  Lessons are designed around your needs, knowledge, and goals for yourself